Reduces teacher workload

One of the most important features of our portal is that teachers save time.

We know that teachers have a lot to deal with, so we want to make their workload lighter. By using our digital math portal teachers save time not only due to our autocorrection feature – our portal contains more than 2 million math questions that can be set as assignments. This frees up time to guide and assist the pupils. Furthermore, teachers can tailor the set assignments to the individual level and ability, thereby optimising learning for each and every pupil.

Differentiated learning

Our digital math solution is characterised by an adaptive learning algorithm, which tailors the questions to the level and ability of the individual pupil. This leaves pupils feeling suitably challenged and motivated. Each question is accompanied by an animated tutorial video and a read aloud function.

A characteristic of our adaptive system is the optimisation of the learning effect. It builds success upon success for the pupils. They have access to 2 million math questions and 2,000 short video lessons, guiding them through the various mathematical challenges. It automatically corrects their answers and registers all activity, providing the teacher with valuable analytics.

Provides an overview of answers and learning

Our portal provides both advanced as well as live statistics, where teachers can follow pupil answers and results.

The teacher sets assignments for the pupils and can then follow their answers, results and progression online. This powerful analytics tool enables teachers to tailor further assignments individually, thereby enhancing learning for each pupil, despite level and ability. Furthermore, the statistics show the teacher which areas of math needs more focus than others in a specific class.

Curriculum and homework

Our portal curriculum is tailored to adhere to your country’s curriculum.

Curriculum activities can be assigned to individual pupils or a whole class, for completion in class or as homework. All answers and results sync directly into the teacher’s own digital page for real time review.

Our portal provides teachers with annual plans that are targeted the different curricula and grade levels. Annual plans can be used as the foundation for planning the whole school year, or they can be easily adjusted by the teachers to suit the needs or special wishes of a specific class.