Geometry Solution

Our geometry tool is easy to use and offers more than 4,000 dynamic assignments across all levels. The contents range from explaining the various concepts of geometry, to how to use them. The tool is built upon the GeoGebra learning tool platform and draws on existing content from our digital math portal.

Our geometry tool challenges and motivates each pupil at their individual level of ability, suggesting assignments based on their performance. All assignments can be assigned as homework, and the geometry tool autocorrects all assignments. This saves time for the teacher to focus on guiding and helping pupils.

Adaptive Learning Algorithm

Our intelligent learning algorithm-portal adapts to the level of the pupil. The portal is a powerful tool. The system creates the best possible conditions to differentiate the lessons. It registers the individual pupils level and provides assignments corresponding to the individual pupil’s skills, abilities and progress. Our intelligent learning algorithm-portal motivates and excites students because it builds success on success.

The math portal is based on an adaptive learning algorithm which makes it possible to differentiate tasks 100%, so that the pupils get the right challenges – and for teachers to better accommodate all pupils – especially those who find math difficult.

Active Learning

With our active learning product we combine physical activity with learning – fun and active math that works! The product consists of a math app and 15 figures to be mounted to the walls in and around the school and playground. Each figure measures just over 3 feet tall and features a number from 1-15 and a QR code. Use the math app to scan the QR code, solve the math question and run to the next figure!

The app contains 2,000 math questions, from level 1 – 11. Pupils can work alone or in groups, thereby strengthening team work and social relations in class. There is a read aloud function for the younger pupils.