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The numbers don’t lie – 75% of all schools in Denmark subscribe to the Danish version of our digital math portal! Read about our success and how we did it below.

We offer a digital math portal with more than 2 million math questions and 2,000 short video lessons, providing a solid foundation for individual learning across all levels. What’s more, our portal is adaptive and tailors the math questions to the ability of each pupil. Our portal is aimed at pupils from 4-16 years of age.

Most popular features of our digital math portal

  • Contents adhere to your country’s specific curriculum
  • Platform is compatible with all devices
  • 2,000,000 math questions and 2,000 short video lessons
  • Adaptive system, optimising the learning effect
  • Individually differentiated math questions
  • Autocorrection of the pupils’ answers
  • Ready prepared lessons and course plans for each year
  • Advanced statistics, providing an overview of all pupils and their individual levels
  • Continuous development of new content and features

We adapt our digital math portal to your country’s language and curriculum requirements
– we have already done it in Norway and Sweden

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Take a closer look at our key features

Reduces teacher workload

Our autocorrection feature reduces the teacher work load, allowing more time for guiding and helping the pupils.


Differentiated learning

Our portal adapts to the ability of each individual pupil, leaving all pupils feeling suitably challenged and motivated.


Provides an overview of answers and learning

Our portal provides both advanced as well as live statistics. The teacher can create sets of questions and follow the pupils’ answers and results during class or as homework.


Curriculum and homework

Our portal curriculum is tailored to adhere to your country’s curriculum.


We have even more to offer

Geometry Solution

Our geometry solution is easy to use and offers
more than 4,000 dynamic assignments.

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Adaptive learning algorithm

Our adaptive learning algorithm tailors each math question to the individual pupil.

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Active learning

We combine physical activity and learning –
fun and active math that works!

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What people say

“The statistics module provides me with a detailed overview of my pupils’ performance – for instance their number of correct answers and their strength and weaknesses within different areas of math. This enables me to easily guide and support each of my pupils – and their parents – to enhance their learning.”
Line Hovgaard
Math Teacher, Broskolen Korsør
“With up to 25 pupils in a class and often great variations in ability, the digital math portal makes life easier for teachers, as it saves correction time for the teachers and differentiates learning for the pupils.”
Kurt Holst
Father of 3
“For me as a teacher, the autocorrection feature saves time, which I can then spend on guiding and supporting my pupils. This is great, especially for those pupils who struggle with math and need extra attention. It’s a win-win situation for both teachers and their pupils.”
Rico Christensen
Math Teacher, Frydenhøjskolen Hvidovre

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Pricing options and revenue split

Pricing options and revenue split

Commitment fee

Commitment fee

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