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Imagine a class full of students that all need help and guidance. How can students stay motivated and how can teachers manage to embrace everyone? MathFessor offers a solution for this through adaptivity and Personalized Learning.


MathFessor is responsive to individual needs, and it does more than just teach how to solve problems and practice math, it builds confidence. For both teachers and students alike.

International voices

“Since 2016, Gleerups has been a reseller of Matematikportalen a unique digital product in mathematics from Danish EduLab. Matematikportalen has been highly appreciated in the Swedish market due to the adaptive skills training, the high amount of instructive films and the good overview of student statistics.”

Åsa Steholt, VD Gleerups Utbildning & President & CEO Berling Media

“Jouw Rekentrainer offers my students the opportunity to work adaptively on specific math topics, and each student experiences the success he or she needs.”

Patrick de Jager,
Educational Advisor

“We have chosen to use MatteMestern as we believe that it solves some of the challenges we have with individual adaptation. At the same time, MatteMestern gives the teacher the opportunity to follow the student’s activity and academic progression so that we constantly have insight into the student’s work in mathematics. It gives me value that the teachers have a digital tool that helps them differentiate their teaching to a higher degree.”

Nils Otto Steen-Utheim,
Educational Inspector Trosterud Skole


MathFessors offers a lot of advantages for students such as:

  • Adapting content to the individual learner.
  • Identifying specific needs and providing the learner with instructions.
  • Guidance, support and instant feedback, that makes the learner experience success.
  • Student reflection and ownership.
  • An engaging environment where the learners gain a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses.


MathFessor offers a lot of benefits for the teacher. When using the math portal teachers can expect to:

  • Save time supported by auto correction.
  • Get an overview over student’s weaknesses and strengths.
  • Get live statistics that show the activity of every single student.
  • Get help to correct assignments and plan lessons.
  • Get access to a massive range of content and tools.
  • Use the overview to differentiate and plan for the individual student – to reach out to and guide the individual learner more.

Learn to recognize
a good adaptive tool

Receive our white paper about Adaptivity and Personalized Learning and get an online demonstration of the amazing learning universe at MathFessor.

Learn to recognize
a good adaptive tool

 Receive our white paper about Adaptivity and Personalized Learning and get an online demonstration of the amazing learning universe at MathFessor.

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