We want to make every child in the world better at math

Content for K10
More than 1.3 million questions
We cover 75% of the Danish market


Content for K10
More than 1.3 million questions
We cover 75% of the Danish market

We want to make every child
in the world better at math

We deliver cutting edge technology and high quality content

We see ourselves as professional geeks, insisting on applying our professional skills and creativity in everything we touch.

Our workforce consists of more than 60 people – both tech and editorial, and our goals are following:

  • We strive to be the best in the market.
  • We have strong focus on developing our products to match the needs and wishes of our users.
  • We create own content and adaptive algorithms.
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MathFessors offers a lot of advantages for students such as:

  • Adapting content to the individual learner.
  • Identifying specific needs and providing the learner with instructions.
  • Guidance, support and instant feedback, that makes the learner experience success.
  • Student reflection and ownership.
  • An engaging environment where the learners gain a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses.


MathFessor offers a lot of benefits for the teacher. When using the math portal teachers can expect to:

  • Save time supported by auto correction.
  • Get an overview over student’s weaknesses and strengths.
  • Get live statistics that show the activity of every single student.
  • Get help to correct assignments and plan lessons.
  • Get access to a massive range of content and tools.
  • Use the overview to differentiate and plan for the individual student – to reach out to and guide the individual learner more.

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Please contact our Head of Sales Line Holm Christoffersen


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Adaptive learning refers to a system that adapts to the ability and performance of the individual. In the case of our digital math portal, all the math questions are thus tailored and continuously adapted to the individual level of each pupil, for each and every math question answered. As a result, all pupils are suitably challenged and motivated at all times, whether they find math easy or difficult. Adaptive learning is an educational method which uses devices such as computers or tablets as interactive teaching devices. The main purpose is to adapt to the unique ability and performance of each learner.

Our digital math portal has a huge question base which forms a solid foundation for adaptivity: the larger the question base, the better the adaptivity. Our adaptive system is developed in-house by our very own IT Development Team and our approach is continuously adaptive. This means that the system responds in real-time to each pupil’s individual activity and performance, thus maximising the individual learning objectives.

Gamification is the concept of adding game-design to non-game assignments. The reason for adding gamification is to motivate pupils and make assignments more fun and engaging. Our system uses gamification to enhance the pupils motivation through earning points and medals.

Many studies have shown that physical activity in education enhance learning outcomes. This inspired us to create Active Learning where physical activity is combined with solving math questions. 15 figures are placed around the school and its grounds, each with a unique QR code. When scanning the codes with our Active Learning app, the pupils are giving math questions to solve before they can move on to the next figure. In addition, our digital math portal contains plenty of activities which combine in-class physical exercise with math.